Keynote Sessions

Sunday Keynote: Mobile’s Mardi Gras History
6:30pm, Bon Secour Ballroom

L. Craig Roberts, Architect AIA

Roberts, a graduate of Auburn University School of Architecture, has practiced architecture in Mobile, Alabama for over 30 years and has completed more than 140 residential projects along the Gulf Coast. An architect since 1979, Roberts has designed a variety of homes, from contemporary waterfront homes to elaborate traditional mansions. He also enjoys providing lectures on the history of Mardi Gras in Mobile.

Monday Keynote: How to be a superhero and use your data for good
8:00am Bon Secour Ballroom

Mary Osborne

Mary Osborne is the SAS product manager for text analytics and all things natural language processing. She is an analytics expert with over 20 years of experience at SAS with expertise spanning a variety of technologies and subject matters. She has a special interest in the application of analytics to provide aid during humanitarian crises and enjoys her work in the #data4good and #analytics for good movements. Mary is known for her dynamic and fun presentations and enjoys using technology to solve complex problems.

Tuesday Keynote: SESUG: a 30-year Retrospective
8:00am Bon Secour Ballroom

Andy Kuligowski

Andrew T. Kuligowski has been a SAS user for … well, since Version 79.5. Currently a semi-retired independent consultant in Florida (USA), he has augmented his professional coding experiences in the retail, media, insurance, and petrochemical fields by speaking at numerous SAS conferences and user group meetings. Andrew was conference chair of SAS Global Forum 2012 in Orlando, and co-chair for SESUG’97 in Jacksonville and Tennessee SAS Users Day in Knoxville. In his spare time, Andrew volunteers at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa.