SESUG 2021 Conference Proceedings
Presentations by SAS

Authors Title Abstract
Amy Peters Is SAS Studio® the Replacement for SAS Enterprise Guide? SAS Studio®, a browser-based interface to SAS®, was introduced in 9.4 and has quickly become an alternative to other popular interfaces like SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Display Manager. For SAS Viya, SAS Studio is the primary interface – not only replacing those two interfaces but also SAS Data Integration Studio. SAS Studio on SAS Viya aims to provide a comfortable home for fans of the SAS 9 interfaces and is also the landing point for content migrated from SAS 9 to Viya from those interfaces.

In this session you will learn about
  • strengths and weaknesses of SAS Studio on 9.4 and tips to help you choose between SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide
  • what’s new in SAS Studio on SAS Viya and what’s planned
  • how SAS Enterprise Guide projects and SAS Data Integration Studio jobs are converted to SAS Studio flows on SAS Viya.
Clay Thompson Causal Analysis using SAS® Statistic Procedures This talk overviews some recently developed SAS® procedures that provide statistical tools for causal analysis, including causal effect estimation, causal mediation analysis and causal graph theory for establishing valid estimation strategies.
Rick Wicklin Statistical Communication and Visualization of COVID-Related Concepts Cumulative cases, doubling times, "flatten the curve,"... In the early days of the pandemic, the public was bombarded with new words, new ideas, and new data visualizations. This talk reviews some of the early COVID-related graphs that appeared in the media. I disucss why some were confusing to non-scientists. I show ways to improve the visualiziations and calrify the concepts. Clear communication enables the public to better understand the pandemic and its risks.
Shannon Moore 10 ways to make your SAS® code run more efficiently Learn how to use your compute and SAS® language concepts and processing to make your programs more efficient. In many cases, this translates to running faster. I’ll share 10 easy-to-understand, unique and effective tips for you.
Chris Hemedinger How to use Git with your SAS® Projects Are you asked to use source management and DevOps tools to manage your work and integrate with production? Git - the most popular source-management system – is often central to this integration.

You will learn:
  • How Git’s foundation fits in the development process.
  • How SAS products integrate with Git and Git-based tools.
  • How to add a SAS project, including code and other assets, to Git for collaboration.
Mark Steven The value of SAS® Certification Interested in adding a SAS® credential to your resume? Already hold a SAS credential and want to find out what’s next for you? Join us for an overview of the value of the SAS certification program and find out what’s new in 2021.
Hardi Desai Applications of Computer Vision for Traffic Analysis. The presenter, who is a Sr Associate Machine Learning Developer with AI Center of Excellence at SAS, would be discussing different applications of artificial intelligence in transportation industry. She would presenting how computer vision based models could be utilized to manage the traffic by installation of cameras on the road. This presentation would cover the use-cases such as vehicle classification, vehicle counting, vehicle detection and vehicle tracking.