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Photo of Kirk Lafler Speaker:  Rick Langston

Title:  More than 640K: A walk down memory lane of SAS® User Groups

Abstract:   Rick's keynote promises to be an entertaining look at the history of SAS user groups.  Rick has many stories from his various user group presentations (who can forget "never trust a programmer in a suit" from SESUG 1994?)  And lots of stories from his 34 years using SAS and he looks forward to sharing them with us in Alexandria.

BIO:  Rick Langston is the manager of the Core Systems Department at SAS Institute.  His department is responsible for core features of the SAS System, such as formats, functions, macro, access methods, setinit, options and the core supervisor.  Rick has been a SAS user for 34 years, and has been working at SAS for 31 years.

Hear a preview from our SAS Keynote Speaker Rick Langston


Photo of Kirk Lafler Speaker:  Kirk Lafler

Title:  You Could Be a SAS® Nerd If...

Abstract:   Are you a SAS® nerd?  The Wiktionary (a wiki-based Open Content dictionary) definition of “nerd” is a person who has good technical or scientific skills, but is generally introspective or introverted.  Another definition is a person who is intelligent but socially and physically awkward.  Obviously there are many other definitions for “nerd”, many of which are associated with derogatory terms or stereotypes.  This presentation intentionally focuses not on the negative descriptions, but on the positive aspects and traits many SAS users possess.  So let’s see how nerdy you actually are using the mostly unscientific, but fun, “Nerd” detector.

BIO:  Kirk Paul Lafler is consultant and founder of Software Intelligence Corporation and has been programming in SAS since 1979.  He is a SAS Certified Professional, SAS Institute Alliance Member (1996 – 2002), and provider of IT consulting services and training to SAS users around the world.  As an author of four books including PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS (SAS Institute. 2004), he has written nearly five hundred peer-reviewed papers, been an Invited speaker at more than three hundred SAS International, regional, local, and special-interest user group conferences/meetings, and is the recipient of 17 “Best” contributed paper awards.  His popular SAS Tips column, “Kirk’s Korner of Quick and Simple Tips”, appears regularly in several SAS User Group newsletters and Web sites, and his fun-filled SASword Puzzles are featured in SAScommunity.org and many SAS Newsletters.







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