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Westat is an employee-owned corporation providing research services to agencies of the U.S. Government, as well as businesses, foundations, and state and local governments.  Our headquarters is in Rockville, Maryland, near Washington, DC.  Westat also maintains research offices near our clients in Atlanta, Georgia; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Durham, North Carolina; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Houston, Texas.

Our multiproject environment provides opportunities for those beginning their careers, as well as for established professionals.

Westat recruits a global workforce and promotes innovation, diversity, and teamwork.  We enjoy a friendly work environment with a mindset of trust, respect, and dedication to excellence.  We offer excellent growth opportunities and an outstanding benefits package.

Please visit www.westat.com/careers to learn more about Westat, make use of our online search tools, apply to multiple listed positions (including SAS, Oracle, and network), or manage and use multiple versions of your resume for applying to careers at Westat.

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Metacoda is a SAS Alliance Silver Member, based in Australia, that specialises in the development of software add-ons and plug-ins to help you get even more out of your SAS® software investment.  Our software include:

  • Metacoda Commutual: a web application for searching and collaborating around business and technical metadata in SAS, including discussions and notification of changes to items of interest; and
  • Metacoda Security Plug-ins: add-ons to the SAS Management Console which improve the productivity of administrators working on SAS metadata security.
To quote one of our customers, SAS Institute Australia, "...Metacoda Plug-ins save a huge amount of time and effort in providing a clear, well presented view of SAS security metadata.  It has become a tool that SAS technical support staff regularly use to resolve complex customer issues."  Tony Dagger, Technical Support Manager, SAS Institute Australia.



  Our services include:
  • Personal on-site SAS consulting
  • SAS contractor/permanent placements
  • High-end data analytics using SAS EM

At Concordance Consulting Group we strongly believe that a commitment to excellence requires hard, continuous work. That simple ethos guides us in everything we do and is the foundation of the benefits that you will receive from working with us:

You will get properly placed "Goldilocks" contractors: As active, expert developers, we are uniquely situated to assess the talent level of others and will fit the proper skill level to your position level.

Your contractor will communicate well: Clarity is the hallmark of an expert. How can you work with somebody you cannot understand or who does not understand your requirements?

Your contractor will be supported: We have a highly developed network of expert developers that are willing to quickly answer code questions if he/she is stuck on a problem. None of us has the time to waste half a day wondering how to solve a problem when someone in the network has most likely already solved it.

Check us out at http://www.concordancegroup.com


United Global Solutions, LLC. is a Nationwide Recruiting and Consulting Firm that specializes in positions for analytical professionals.  Our business is defined by your success and we are driven by the results that we deliver.

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