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           Volunteering at SESUG 2008

While SAS Institute is an integral part of this conference, SESUG is an all-volunteer organization.  We need people like you to get involved and there are a variety of tasks to select from based on your interest and available time.

Session Coordinators assist the academic section chair(s) with lighting, speaker introductions, time keeping, attendance tracking and general equipment needs.  Pick your favorite academic section and enjoy the presentations while being a volunteer.  Session Coordinators are scheduled for morning or afternoon session blocks of presentations.

Registration/Information Desk Coordinators help the registrars and conference attendees before and during the conference.  This area is centrally located and you can help with setting up registration, or handing out conference materials and answering questions other attendees may have.  Registration Coordinators normally work a 2 hour block of time.

Do you have any questions? Are you ready to volunteer?  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Carol Martell with any questions.  You can indicate you are willing to volunteer when you register for the conference, as well.



Do I receive a reduced registration fee if I volunteer?
No.  SESUG is an all volunteer organization.  We are very appreciative of any help we receive from a volunteer, but do not give volunteers a reduced registration fee.

When will I know when I am scheduled to volunteer?
Scheduling of volunteers will be done approximately 2-4 weeks before the conference so that we can work with your time availability.

What are my duties as a Session Coordinator?
See the Session Coordinator checklist document.

What are my duties as a Registration Volunteer?
See the Registration Volunteer checklist document.

How will I be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinators once I have indicated my willingness to help?
The volunteer coordinators mainly use e-mail to contact those individuals who are willing to help.  So, if you have a Junk Mail folder or filter SPAM in some way, please check periodically for e-mail messages from us.  We try to use subject lines containing the words “SESUG 2008” so that you know it is related to the conference.