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           Presenterís Package

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Peter Eberhardt.

  Important Dates for Presenters

  • April 14, 2008 - Last date to submit an abstract.
  • April 28, 2008 - Authors will be notified of paper acceptance.
  • May 19, 2008 - Permission to Publish form must be signed and sent to the Academic Chair.
  • July 14, 2008 - Final Proceedings Paper must be loaded into Paper submission system.


  How to Get Organized


  How to Create your Proceedings Paper

The Proceedings Paper Template is a Microsoft Word template using a one-column format for your Proceedings paper.  You may use this template for your content.  Some important features include:

  1. Page number centered in the footer
  2. Paper Number in the header (your paper number was provided with your paper acceptance email)
  3. Styles for
    • the title,
    • the author's by line,
    • headings,
    • subheadings,
    • the body,
    • code that is embedded in a paragraph or sentence,
    • code that is in it's own separate paragraph, and
    • contact information.
  4. Trademark acknowledgements
  5. A sample layout

NOTE: You are not required to use this template.  If your paper was prepared for SAS Global Forum 2008, the format is just fine except you need to change the paper number.

  • Please use the proceedings paper template (described above - this way is easiest), or use a single-spaced, one column per page format and include page numbers.

  • Remember to include
    • Proper trademark references and the trademark citation
    • Acknowledgements and references
    • Your contact information

  • Papers are limited according to the length of the presentation.
    • Twenty pages for 50-minute presentations.
    • Twelve pages for 20-minute presentations.
    • Eight pages for 10-minute presentations.
    Page counts include all charts, tables, graphs, and appendices.  If you require more pages, please contact your section chair to discuss.

  • If the Submission System gives a message that your paper is too large to load, contact your section chair, so they can assist.  (The limits can be temporarily overridden.)

  • If you have any questions about paper creation, your first point of contact is your section chair.


  How to Submit your FINAL Proceedings Paper

  • Confirm that your paper follows the guidelines above.

  • Create a PDF and name it using your paper number (from your section chair) and the primary authorís last name.
    PaperName = PaperNumber || "." || PrimaryLastName || ".pdf";

Example:  TU05.Heaton.pdf refers to paper number TU05 authored by Heaton.

  • Submit your paper on the web at

  • If you have any questions on submission, your first point of contact is your section chair.


  Additional Resources