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SESUG Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops offer an additional educational opportunity to conference attendees. We are looking for recognized, experienced, and talented instructors to share their expert knowledge in a half-day seminar. SESUG is planning six 4-hour workshops on Sunday, October 20, 2019, covering a variety of topics and differing experience levels to appeal to a wider audience of potential attendees. Depending on interest levels, additional workshop(s) will be offered on the afternoon of Saturday, October 19th and the morning of Wednesday, October 23rd as well. Please be aware that instructors teaching on Saturday and Wednesday will need to provide their own audio-visual equipment; AV equipment is provided for Sunday workshops.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please complete the Pre-/Post-Conference Workshop Proposal Form.

Please note: instructors are required to provide handouts for class participants in these fee-based workshops and also present a paper during the conference.

Please submit your proposals to Venita DePuy at sesugops2015@gmail.com by the April 8, 2019 submission deadline.

Presentation length: 4 hours (two-part workshops, totaling 8 hours, will also be considered).




















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