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If you are interested in contributing content to the SESUG conference, provided below is information on how the process works. SESUG is a professional conference, so proposals for papers can simply be a written abstract which are limited to 350 words.

To submit a proposal, visit the START Conference Manager system.

Several items are needed when submitting a paper proposal:

  • Paper Title (200 characters)
  • Abstract (350 words)
  • Author(s) information
  • Section choice (based on the academic sections list on the conference web site)
  • Presentation length:
    • Academic section presentations are typically scheduled for 20 minutes, however in the submission application you can request a 50 minute schedule and we will do our best to accommodate you
    • Coder's Corner papers are by default scheduled for 10 minutes
    • Hands on Workshops are by default scheduled for 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Working draft (not required, but helpful to section chairs who are selecting papers for


Only after your paper is accepted are you required to submit a full paper and present at the conference in October. Final acceptance emails will be sent out around the first week in July. After acceptance emails are sent, paper and presentation templates, which provide formatting guidelines, will be available on the SESUG website. There are no specified lengths for SESUG conference papers; however, typically they are 8-15 pages depending on topic.

To get a better idea of what an accepted final paper should look like, you can access past year SESUG proceedings on the Lex Jansen web site or the North Carolina State University Institute for Advanced Analytics web site.

For more information, please contact our Academic Chair, Rachel Straney, at AcademicChair2019@sesug.org




















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